We had to put our 3 year old Bengal boy down due to congestive heart failure. We found Belgo Bengal and even though it was a Sunday, Chuck and Jacquie invited us into their home. Right away we found Chuck and Jacquie to be so wonderful and that was the day we picked out a beautiful new Kitten. The home was clean, and the care and love they devote to each of their cats and kittens was wonderful. We were allowed to visit the kitten until he was old enough to bring home. We love our new baby , he is such a cuddly and friendly kitten that purrs like a motorbike. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for all your kindness. It was exactly what we needed and our little blessing is such a joy to have in our home. We would highly recommend Belgobengals.

Lorraine Stang, October 7, 2019

We are blessed to have found Chuck, Jacquie and our beautiful Bengal girl, Kikoa Rawri. From the moment we visited the Belgo Bengals cattery, we knew we’d found amazing breeders. Paramount to us in our search was and will always be the health of our kitten; Chuck and Jaquie’s parent cats all come from fantastic lineage, exceptionally strong and healthy, not to mention gorgeous. We instantly fell in love with our kitten’s mom for her wonderful demeanour. But on to our beautiful kitten! Never could we have imagined how truly perfect she is. Our former kitten was with us for a wonderful 21 years, and she will always be deeply cherished. So, it was not without years of searching before we finally purchased our Bengal, Our standards were simple: perfect and nothing but the best; our Kikoa Rawri, is that and so much more. It took less than 10 minutes to train her to play fetch. She instantly bonded with our young child and follows him everywhere, protective and ultra playful. Ours truly posses boundless, absolutely ridiculous energy, but, WOW! she also loves to snuggle up when play time stops. Make no doubt about it; Bengals are amazing! Chuck and Jaquie are fantastic at bringing these kittens up with a perfect balance of energy, confidence and mannerisms. We’ve found our kitten remarkably easy to train also; she’s so smart! I can’t even count the many things we trained her to do in her first week with us alone. I could go on and on about how wonderful our Belgo Bengals experience has been; Chuck and Jacquie truly went above and beyond to help us make the right decision. But, there is a beautiful little Bengal eyeing me up for affection as I type… Thank you Chuck! Thank you Jacquie! We cherish our Bengal, Kikoa Rawri, and we promise her a long and happy life as a very loved member of our family.

MUCH thanks and BEST to you Chuck and Jacquie!
Rob, Deborah and Kailar

Rob, Deborah and Kailar , February 1, 2019

We brought home our beautiful little girl a week ago. Another perfect addition to our family. We had been to Chuck and Jacquie’s wonderful cattery almost 7 years ago and brought home our first Bengal Tika. She is an exceptionally smart and loving girl, so my husband and I new without question where we would go to add another Bengal to our family. I talked to Jacquie 5 months earlier and knew we would have to wait as there wasn’t even a confirmed pregnancy yet but as soon as there was she would let us know. Well the wait was more than worth it,along came our Coco. I could go on and on as I’m sure all Bengal owners would understand but our little Coco after a week of being home is the perfect fit for our family. She came to her new home with us full of confidence and fearlessness and purrs galore, which goes to show that the home she began her first few months of life in was a calm, loving environment in which she thrived with confidence and curiosity. Tika and Coco are now sleeping buddies and playmates and we can’t wait to see how their relationship grows with each new day. We thank Chuck and Jacquie for being the kind people they are who truly love raising these beautiful babies in the best environment possible. We now have a home full of so much kitty love that has literally changed our lives furever.

Thanks again Chuck and Jacquie

Dawn and Paul Nedelec

Dawn and Paul Nedelec, April 14, 2018

We are so happy that we found Belgo Bengals. Chuck and Jackie are committed to raising healthy, beautiful and well socialized kittens. We adopted a delightful male kitten in October 2016. The process was so pleasant and easy. Jackie and Chuck were extremely hospitable and accommodating. We already had an adult Bengal at home who we adore and we wanted to make sure that adopting a brother from another mother would be a smooth transition. They allowed many visuals and gave great advice. Our kitten is so healthy and happy!! I have already recommended Belgo Bengals to others who have remarked on the extraordinary beauty and friendliness of our kitten. The only place to find your new Bengal is at Belgo Bengals.

Synnove Seidman , March 9, 2017

From my first conversation with Jacquie I had a feeling that we had come to the right place, and every subsequent interaction reinforced this. Jacquie’s responses to my phone and email questions were prompt, friendly, and informed. Right from the beginning it was very easy to tell that this was not just a business for her and Chuck, but that they primarily had the best interests of their kittens at heart and were as motivated to find a great home for them as we were to provide one. Our visit to their cattery was further proof. They had a beautiful, clean and well-kept environment for all of their animals – (including their wonderful little pup George who I kept hoping might be thrown in as a gift with purchase – but no luck Then, when we met gorgeous little Vincenza it was love at first sight. Jacquie and Chuck were so professional yet personable and we left after an effortless transaction with all kinds of great information and everything we needed to begin our time with Vinci.

In the week since we’ve picked her up, she has turned out to be very smart, loving and spirited; exactly what we had hoped for and imagined. I highly recommend Belgobengals. Their service is exemplary, their cats are beautiful and they are just lovely people.

Thank you Jacquie and Chuck – it has been a pleasure!


Ruth, Gino & Mateya, October 24, 2016

When I was ready to open my heart to another cat (I’d had Lucy for 17 years when I had to say goodbye), I had firm intentions of picking up a rescue…one of those that’s got a difficult or distant temperament and is hard to place. But I was online, poking around, and came across Chuck and Jacquie’s site. I’d known a Bengal or two, and really liked that they have SO much personality. I still thought I’d likely go with a pure rescue, but was glad for the opportunity to meet Chuck and Jacquie and their cats. Wow! Chuck and Jacquie were so very welcoming and open in showing me their gorgeous cats and answering my questions. I was there to meet Jessica and wasn’t disappointed. She wasn’t sure about me, but still hopped up in my lap lol. After that visit, I was hooked. Chuck and Jacquie were kind enough to accommodate my crazy summer schedule and I picked Jessie up a little over a week ago. I can’t say enough about my girl! She was perfect on the 4 hour drive home, and within 1/2 an hour of arriving was curled up next to me on the couch, purring like a diesel engine. She makes me laugh every day…she’s sweet, and affectionate, opinionated and athletic, I’m learning more of her vocabulary all the time…and it’s pretty extensive! lol It’s easy to tell that she’s been raised in a loving home. Her litter manners are perfect, she loves her scratching board and hasn’t tried anything with my furniture, comes when she’s called (at speed if there are treats involved lol), loves to interact and play. I love this girl so much already and can’t thank Chuck and Jacquie enough for letting me bring her home with me. They were terrific throughout…answering my questions about her food and fave toys etc, friendly, warm and generous. Thank you both!


Oh! I almost forgot…the bonus is that in addition to her fun/sweet/funny personality, Jessica is also absolutely beautiful!

Cathie Day , September 28, 2016

I have purchased two Bengals from Jackie & Chuck now. One male marble named Marcus and one Rosetta female named Maya as of a month ago.Jackie & Chuck are some of the most friendly and professional people I have ever met. It is easy to tell that they truly love what they do and a little of that ends up in every litter they have.

When you purchase a cat from them. Your cat is completely ready to go, right down to the temperament, affection, litter training and bill of clean health. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, service and advice they have provided me with, not to mention two of the coolest, smartest best friends I now have in my life!

Thank you, Jackie & Chuck!


Cliff, August 24, 2016

Dear Readers,

First off, I must thank Jacquie and Chuck from the bottom of my heart, without whom I would not have found my incredible and sweet companion. I would also like to sincerely thank Cathy and Wayne, whom led me to the Belgo Bengals. Chuck and Jacquie have bred and raised these kittens with the most love and care I have ever seen, and in an incredibly brilliant and great home to boot. Each and every one of your cats I came to know from my many visits are such sweet and sociable felines.

I am so excited for the adventures to come with Dartanian at my side, I have not had pets for awhile since my dog passed away. But it warms my heart to know that it is finally mending thanks to my sweet kitten. I couldn’t be any happier a woman, than I am right now.

I will be in touch!
With all my thanks,


Heather W, July 26, 2016

I had visited a few catteries before meeting Chuck & Jacquie. When I met one of their queens, I knew I wanted one of her kittens. It was not only their bengals’ temperaments, but the loving environment their cats and kittens live in that made me decide to get a kitten from Belgo Bengals. I put my name on a wait list for one of Kasa’s kittens….hoping for a little male bengal one day.

When Kai was born, Chuck & Jacquie let me know immediately. They let me come to visit him when he was only 5 days old, and I fell in love with him immediately. From then on, Chuck & Jacquie welcomed me into their home whenever I asked to come visit. I visited my little Kai every week and watched him grow. Chuck & Jacquie called him by his name, which I really loved because he grew up knowing his name.

Kai is now 1 year and 1 month old. He has grown into a handsome, playful, and loving cat. He is very friendly with people, and seems to be extra careful when playing with children or elderly people. He is smart and has learned how to sit, spin, shake a paw, and stand “up” on his hind legs. We take him outside on a harness and leash almost every day. He loves to play in the yard or go for walks around the neighbourhood. He is a hit wherever he goes!

From the first day he came home to this very day, Kai sleeps all night in bed with us. He’s extra playful in the summer and extra cuddly as soon as the temperature falls

Chuck & Jacquie provided Kai with the love and attention needed to foster a social, happy, healthy cat. You can be confident that they truly care for their cats because of how awesome their cats are at the cattery! I am so thankful to have gotten my kitten from Belgo Bengals; their love and care for their kittens makes them great cats. The true bengal experience is not just great looks and endless amounts of energy–temperament is just as important.

Thank you, Chuck & Jacquie, for the wonderful experience of adopting a bengal kitten, and for the love you provided for little Kai as he grew up! I have no doubt that he is such a wonderfully behaved, gorgeously handsome cat due to your love and nurturing


Amber, September 22, 2014

Thanks Chuck and Jacquie for such a well rounded kitty. Tia has been a little cuddle bug at night and a very nosey and open little girl. She has been a treat to watch and play with. Very socialized and with in a week was friends with our other two bengals [Simon and Abby] you two made it easy because of your standards at your cattery.
Thank you very much

Mickey and Cheryl Polnik , November 16, 2013

It has been a month since I picked up kitten from the airport. After a long travel to finally reach my home I was surprised by how quickly she adjusted to my family and I. It’s hard to believe that we have only had her a month because it is hard to imagine life without her super lovable and silly personality around the house every day. She is truly amazing and has captured the hearts of my family as well as my friends – which is great because Zola loves being the center of attention. After bringing her home it is easy to tell that Chuck and Jacquie spend a lot of time caring for and teaching these kittens and I would recommend this cattery to anyone who I know is serious about bringing a Bengal kitten into their family.
Thank you so much for my girl, Zola.

Bailey , June 4, 2013

I brought home my little girl in March of this year. She is the greatest little piece of joy I have ever been able to find in a pet companion. She has great temperament and gets along very well with other animals. She is amazingly smart and has learnt how to use the human toilet, open doors and has become quiet the cuddle bug. Little Kali was an amazing addition to my family. Chuck and Jacquie have an amazing nursery for their cats and give the most amazing care and attention to their babycats! I believe very strongly that Kali is such a great cat due to this amazing couple and their cattery! Thank you two so much!

Danielle, May 19, 2013

When my wife-to-be, Susie, found the Belgo web site, it seemed to be destiny. She just knew this was where we wanted to get our kitten, especially after visiting some less than stellar breeders. We picked “Leo” sight unseen, but based on the apparent cleanliness from the web site, and from the lineage of the parents. We then had to wait 8 weeks to pick up our new boy.
Chuck and Jacquie were especially patient and understanding with us. We wanted to get Leo sooner, but Jacquie insisted it was in the best interests of the kitten to wait the 12 weeks. The day eventually arrived and we flew to Kelowna to meet Chuck and Jacquie, and of course, Leo. Our first impression of their cattery was most positive. There was ample room for the older cats and the kittens, and everything was exceptionally clean. There were several outdoor runs that the cats could access at will, and lots of things to climb on. The cats all had excellent temperaments and got along well with each other. You could easy tell that Chuck and Jacquie genuinely cared for all their critters. I was quite sure I detected a tear in Chuck’s eye when his “favorite” left with us that day.
Leo has a wonderful temperament: loves attention, loves to play, loves to cuddle, and purrs like a freight train. He is now 16 weeks old and is developing into a gorgeous Bengal.
We would thoroughly recommend Belgo Bengals. Chuck and Jacquie are extremely nice folks and most hospitable; you can tell by the temperament of their cats. We wanted to take all of their kittens, but that would be selfish. Others deserve to have the same experience as we have had.
Russ & Susan

Russ Gerrish , November 4, 2012

The first night I took our Bengal kitten, Roxy, home, she fell asleep on my chest and was pressed against my heart. I felt so much love that night that I can only describe the experience as magical. Roxy is stunningly gorgeous, super bright and affectionate! She loves to play and snuggle with her feline brother and sister…oh and Mommy too! My husband takes her for walks and she loves to explore and go on an adventure! We love her! She is family! Chuck and Jacquie, are such wonderful and kind people and treated me with respect and care.They love their belgo Bengals and raise them in a warm and nurturing environment. Also, they have an excellent reputation as breeders and people. Thank you so much for our sweet Roxy!

Connie Meikle , September 17, 2012

It has been about 2 months since I adopted Jaxx from your family. He is a wonderful little kitten, very full of energy and extremely playful. A really great trait of his is his love of people around him. He has met my family at the Coast and blended in really well with everyone- of course he is a big hit wherever he goes. I would like to thank Jacquie and Chuck for the dedication I know you have taken in raising these amazing cats, the level of care and time you have taken with the litter of kittens and the parents is first class. My thanks to you also, for answering any questions I have had, as sometimes as a new owner, I was unsure of certain foods and toys for a Bengal cat. Jaxx is a beautiful cat – again my warm thanks to you and your family business for your extraordinary work in raising these special cats.

Kind Regards,

Scott Bowman, April 7, 2012

First off I would like to say that my husband and I visited many catteries before choosing Belgo Bengals. What really impressed us was how clean and inviting the nursery room was which showed how much love and pride they have for all their cats.

We purchased a beautiful female kitten with absolute stunning markings and everyone who sees her comments on her extraordinary beauty and personality.

She has adjusted to our home very quickly and inquisitively, we couldn’t have asked for a more loving and personable kitten.

So thank-you Chuck and Jacquie for your kind hospitality and for raising such a wonderful addition to our family.

Sincerely, Dawn and Paul

Dawn and Paul Nedelec, December 19, 2011

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