Belgo Bengals, a “Livingroom Leopards” Haven


We are a small home based Cattery in British Columbias’ Okanagan Valley, in Kelowna. We raise our kittens in our home, they are played with and handled daily, and socialized with our retired Bengal, A very special thank you to Eric and Pam Gretzinger of JungleJem Bengals whom mentored us. Our kittens are healthy and playful, with exellent temperments. Our kittens are sent home with up-to-date vacinations. We welcome visitors to our cattery.

The Bengal was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic feline. The result is an exceptionally beautiful feline with the appearance of a Leopard. “Livingroom Leopard” Pocket Leopard etc. “Living with a Bengal is an adventure. Possessing the ability to leap to high places, inherently compelled to climb. Bengal cats are a highly active breed, they can open doors, they are drawn to water and are loveable and loyal. They are a treasure to cherish. Bengals are as unique in personality as their coat is in patterns.”

“We are blessed to have found Chuck, Jacquie and our beautiful Bengal girl, Kikoa Rawri. From the moment we visited the Belgo Bengals cattery, we knew we’d found amazing breeders. Paramount to us in our search was and will always be the health of our kitten; Chuck and Jaquie’s parent cats all come from fantastic lineage, exceptionally strong and healthy, not to mention gorgeous.”

Rob, Deborah and Kailar

“We brought home our beautiful little girl a week ago. Another perfect addition to our family. We had been to Chuck and Jacquie’s wonderful cattery almost 7 years ago and brought home our first Bengal Tika. She is an exceptionally smart and loving girl, so my husband and I new without question where we would go to add another Bengal to our family.”

Dawn and Paul Nedelec

“We are so happy that we found Belgo Bengals. Chuck and Jackie are committed to raising healthy, beautiful and well socialized kittens. We adopted a delightful male kitten in October 2016. The process was so pleasant and easy. Jackie and Chuck were extremely hospitable and accommodating. ”

Synnove Seidman

Lovingly Raised Family Members

“Living with a Bengal is an adventure. They are a treasure to cherish. Bengals are as unique in personality as their coat is in patterns.”

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